Most Common Cleaning Mistakes that you make

How do I put this nicely? You’re wrong sometimes with your cleaning jobs. Whether it’s about the faulty dusting or maybe even defective dishwashing, common blunders will simply ruin even your best efforts. Therefore, we’ve come up with some pros’ smart suggestions you need to keep in mind that will save you time and trouble. So let’s dive in;

Cleaning Eye Glasses

Admit it! You are often quite frustrated with the fingerprints, spots and face grease on your glasses. Whether it’s the reading glasses or sunglasses, it’s equally annoying in either situation. Usually, do you do it the wrong way by using an optical cloth with a bit of cleaner or water or mostly you use a piece of tissue, and your misty breath?

But all mentioned above is the not the right way. Be mindful that glasses are sensitive and these have to be treated in an appropriate manner while cleaning.  So the best way to clean the glass is; Use the glass cleaning cloth or an optical cloth that’s flat. It will not pick up any debris and won’t scratch as well. Make sure to use a little bit of water or glass.

Cleaning Tumblers

You may be quite obsessed with your tumblers and use them daily for smoothies and tea. And you know the best thing about it! Obviously, they’re insulated and keep the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold.

So where do you go wrong while cleaning them up? You usually place them on the top rack of the dishwasher and wash on the hottest possible setting. Or maybe you place it in the washing machine inside the delicate bag as you think it would be an amazing idea.

But the right way to clean is; Hand wash with dish soap & water and dry with a soft cloth. And get a pipe cleaner to clean straw or a mouthpiece.

Cleaning Knives

Please tell me the proper way to clean a knife. People often go wrong with this in fact. They place it on the top rack of the dishwasher, Or they fill sink with hot soapy water, let this soak overnight and rinse & dry next morning.

And you know the right way? Hand wash it immediately after use. Blades on knives are for sure extremely delicate and could be damaged if knocked around in the sink or dishwasher. They can also rust. Therefore, hand washing is the best thing to do to prolong the life of your night.

Cleaning Windshield

You often find you windshield looking hazing whenever you’re driving your car. You often try to clean it using your sleeve or maybe a hand or anything just to clear the area so you can see clearly. Or maybe you’ll take your car to the car wash.

But here’s the right way to do it right away, the right way.

If you notice your windshield needs cleaning, take up your microfiber cloth and a bit of water or vinegar. Wipe it in just one direction to avoid streaks. And Viola, you’re done. The experts from Dubai cleaning company have suggested these amazing ideas.



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