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DMC Alpha Black Review: Beautifully Powerful

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When it comes to watches, DMC Watches are a fresh and exciting new entry into the conversation! The Delorean Motor Company, who is originally famous for their iconic DMC-12 sports car which was used as a time machine in the Back to the Future film trilogy, extended their line of products with a line of affordable luxury watches. This is a review of one of these DMC Watches, the Alpha Black:


Built with Aesthetic Precision

DMC’s Alpha brand commits on building a worthwhile wristwatch that serves you both functionally and stylistically. The Alpha Black is evidence of this promise

This beautifully designed watch is an item you can flaunt and make a fashion statement with despite its minimal price tag! A stainless steel case with IP black bezel and crown encompasses a black dial. Anyone who is a car enthusiast will immediately notice that the dial looks like a speed-o-meter, another homage to DMC’s automotive heritage. The dial also shows the date on the 3 o’clock hand. The case of the watch measures 44mm, fitting perfectly with the black leather strap which comes with grey stitching. The four black bolts on the bezel give the Alpha Black a rough, yet elegant, industrial look. If there was any way to make the Alpha Black any better aesthetically, DMC did it by shipping the watch along with a sleek presentation box.

The back of the Alpha Black is especially worth considering as it holds a surprise that original DMC fans will adore! If you have watched DMC in action on the Back to the Future films then you will instantly recognize the time machine’s gullwing doors wide open! A nice little effort by DMC to brand themselves in their most iconic achievement. This highlights DMC’s rich legacy and establishes a connection to their extended roots.


Functional Strength

Full marks for practicality on this DMC review! I will admit, the shockingly low price for a brand as famous as DMC put me in quite an apprehension! I was pleasantly surprised that the alpha watch does not only look good but feels tough and runs smoothly. The watch is coated with hardened mineral crystal and it totally shows. I’m a klutz and I really need high-quality durability with all my products. Good job on that part, DMC!

Powered by the Japanese Miyota 2315 Movement, It was unsurprising that DMC offers a one year guarantee on the Alpha Black. Adding to that, the watch is also water resistant for up to 100 meters, making it stand strong against falls, hits, and splashes.



The main selling point of this watch is its price. The quality it offers for this price tag is unheard of in the wristwatch industry. Reliable yet visually pleasing and powerfully made yet does not drain a hole in your wallet. I would highly recommend the DMC Alpha Black because it just performs well from all angles, qualifying itself as a luxury watch brand that is available at low deals.


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