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Top Jewellery Franchise Opportunities of 2017

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Jewellery Franchise Opportunities of 2017

Jewelry has been an integral part of human civilization. Some people wear jewelry because they adore it and some wear it as a necessity, you won’t find any woman who is not wearing any sort of jewelry. Jewelry is also used at auspicious occasions like marriages, engagements, etc. Jewelry is a symbols power and prestige. Jewelry is also worn to deliver style statement and be fashionable.

Jewelry retail stores are one of the most profitable businesses now days. These stores are primarily engaged in the retail sale of jewelry, such as diamonds and other precious stones mounted in precious metals and sold as rings, earrings, necklaces, nose pins, bracelets, sterling, plated silverware, watches, etc. Running a jewelry business is quite simple if you are an expert jeweler. Jewelry is something which attracts both men and women. For some of the people jewelry is a fashionable entity at the same some of them considered jewelry as an asset. Jewelry is something which is always in demand. Your Jewelry business will never run short of customers. However if you are new at jewelry business it may be a little bit difficult task in the starting but after some time you will find unlimited opportunities in front of you. It’s a highly profitable business.

A retail jewelry business buys and sells old and new jewelry item to or from public. In jewelry retail industry, good merchandising and effective marketing are the only sources of profitability. If you think that the big jewelry store can affect your profitability then you are wrong, smaller retailers can flourish and have prosperous future. The main thing which will decide the success of your retail jewelry store is the retailer’s strategy.

You will have to take care of few things while running a jewelry retail store:

  • Location for jewelry retail store
  • Staff for jewelry retail store
  • Offer various payment methods
  • Specializing in specific types of jewelry items
  • Consider customer’s needs and demands
  • Observe competitor for your jewelry retail store
  • Promotion of jewelry retail store

Top 3 Jewellery Franchise Opportunities of 2017

1. Tanishq Jewellery Franchise

Tanishq was Titan’s first diversification project after it had established itself as the leader in the watch industry in India, having successfully displaced HMT from the No 1 slot. Started, in 1994-95, as a manufacturer of studded jewellery and watches made of precious material, it then went on to become the retailer in the jewellery industry and started operating out of a chain of stores that were either company operated or franchised. Titan Industries had developed a robust system of franchising for its watch business and after having success in expanding through franchising we replicated the same for the jewellery business. A major part of the chain is franchised. The jewellery division of Titan Industries Ltd has 115 Tanishq stores, two Zoya stores and 30 Goldplus stores. Of this 31 stores are company managed and the rest 147 are franchisee run/managed. A few franchisees operate more than one store. All stores are in India.
Tanishq offers gold and gem-set jewellery (in 22 and 18 karat gold) in over 5000 traditional, western and fusion looks.


2. BJEWELZ – by Birla Jewels Limited

“BJEWELZ” a premium jewellery retail brand by Birla Jewels Limited, is opening over 500 jewellery retail outlets across India at every district headquarter, and has the vision to revolutionize the Jewellery Retail Industry and emerge amongst the Top Premier jewellery retail chains in the Country. It has always been believed that a lady looks most beautiful in her “Solah Shringar”, she is the epitome of beauty when she is covered in Gold. To drive this Mantra of beauty, We at Birla Jewels, offer fine jewellery made affordable to the masses to suit all occasions with virtues of Trust, Transparency & Ethical Business Practices.

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3. PC Jeweller Franchise

PC Jeweller started operations in April 2005 with one showroom at Karol Bagh, New Delhi and is today one of the fastest growing jewellery retail chain with 61 showrooms across 50 cities and 17 states.
PC Jeweller is one of the fastest growing companies in India’s retailing sector and a leading jewellery retail chain focused on wedding jewellery market. The company has a pan India operations with 60 showrooms across 50 cities and 17 states.
As an retail expansion strategy,  PC jewellers will invest Rs 1500 Crore to open 200 stores in country by 2019.

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